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Feeling lost in the system? Angry or confused because no one is listening to you? Frightened about what may happen? Doing everything the doctors tell you and still not improving? Just received a new and frightening diagnosis? 

An RN Patient Advocate is a highly skilled clinical nurse to empower you in the healthcare system, to teach you what is happening, to work closely with you and your family to protect your healthcare rights and safety.  We provide a wide range of services as listed below. 

How does an independent RN Patient Advocate help you?

purple_circle We advocate on your behalf with your doctors, the hospital, all medical personnel working with you;  this helps to prevent medical errors. We know the questions to ask and can explain the answers to you.
purple_circle We collect and process all the information about your case and teach you what is happening.
purple_circle  We carefully review all records to look for gaps:  what diagnostic tests might have been missed, what results might have been overlooked, what changes in the current treatment might result in better health.
purple_circle  We create your MEDiKEY SM to facilitate the flow of information amongst all your physicians and health providers. This is a synoptic health chronology that dramatically reduces your risk of medical error. Incomplete information leads to poor treatment choices by your doctors.  Physicians and institutions alike are enthusiastic about the use of this leading edge tool. The MEDiKEY SM also helps to reduce your risk of misdiagnosis, a leading cause of errors today. Emergency rooms wish everyone had one.

We provide health and wellness coaching – we teach you and your family about the relationship of your current illness to your whole medical history:  illness doesn’t happen in a vacuum – a more in-depth understanding can lead to better health overall. We teach you and your family how to be more effective health advocates for yourself.

 purple_circle We research all the medical literature to discover the full range of treatment options for you including the traditional pharmaceutical/surgery approaches as well as the ever-widening body of Integrative Medicine and Functional Medicine options. 
purple_circle  We teach you and your family about these options so you can best understand your health options and make an informed choice.
purple_circle  We guide you and your family to the most appropriate physician consultations to assist in your decision making.






We facilitate the course of your medical treatment, ensuring good communication between all your doctors and therapists.  This helps to prevent medical errors and save costs for unnecessary procedures.

We provide a national vitamins, minerals, and supplements discount program for our cilents and families through Emerson Ecologics


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What doesn’t your RN Patient Advocate do for you?

  We do not make healthcare choices for you or your family, diagnose ailments, order treatments or replace the physician in any way.
  We do not provide your total care in the hospital.  Your RN Patient Advocate advocates for you, safeguarding your safety.  Your Advocate is a complement to the hospital staff, not a replacement for it.

We do not replace the Social Worker, Physical Therapist or Nutritionist.  Your RN Patient Advocate will work cooperatively with all members of your healthcare team to ensure your best possible treatment.


Who is an independent RN Patient Advocate?

An RN Patient Advocate is a highly qualified clinical RN who has completed an intensive educational program from RN Patient Advocates, PLLC, co-sponsored by the University of Arizona, College of Nursing, to learn the RN Patient Advocacy Process ©.

What are your independent RN Patient Advocates’ qualities?

  • A broad base of in-depth clinical experience in a variety of specialties
  • A strong clinical knowledge base and fluency in “medical speak”. This knowledge base includes all paradigms of healthcare in practice in the US:  Conventional Medicine (for acute situations), Integrative Medicine and Functional Medicine (for chronic, autoimmune and degenerative conditions as well as prevention).
  • An in-depth understanding of the complexities of the healthcare system and ability to navigate within it
  • An acceptance by and ability to work collaboratively with all your doctors and hospitals/institutions to advocate on your behalf, to ask those questions you don’t know how to ask.


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