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RNPA Intensive - Learning Experience

“In a year’s time after taking the RNPA Learning Intensive, my career, my health, my family, my very life has been transformed. I am forever grateful” — Karen DiMarco, RN, iRNPA

“The way of the future of absolute must if you want to make and be the difference in righting the wrongs of healthcare. Kare is a wonderful mentor who has put her soul into this program. Passion, Vision, Perseverance.” — Lana Benton, RN, iRNPA

“The forethought, experience, openness, philosophy and preparation provides all the tools, thought process, and confidence to begin and succeed as an iRNPA.” — Leta Gill, RN, iRNPA

“My experience attending the iRNPA program was a refreshing one, to say the least. This program was packed with life changing information that is not readily taught or available to RN's. This program equipped me with the tools I need to be an iRNPA!  If you are ready for a change after working for many years in the clinical setting, and are driven to help patients and families, this is the program for you!  Karen is a wealth of knowledge that is unmatched in the advocacy process.” — Jamie Long

“Thank you so much for putting together such an incredible RN PA intensive course!  It is truly intensive but so worth it!  I learned a lot and will be using the Medical Time Line and lab spreadsheet with as many clients as i can.  All great information and can’t wait to get my speaking engagements lined up now that I have your fantastic power points!” —  Nan Wetherhorn, Health Care Advisor,

Amanda McGuire Johnson, MSN, ANP, iRNPA
McGuire Health Advocates
North Carolina


(828) 559-1591

About Me

Amanda has been dedicated to the health care profession for more than 12 years.  She attended the University of North Carolina Wilmington for undergraduate studies.  Subsequently, she obtained a Master's Degree in Nursing from The Ohio State University and became dual certified as an Adult and an Advanced Oncology Certified Nurse Practitioner. 

During her career, Amanda was exposed to the many complexities of our health care system which cause undue fear and confusion in the lives of patients and their families.  She wanted to conquer the obstacles that were preventing the implementation of comprehensive and safe care.   As a result, she founded McGuire Health Advocates. 

Amanda encourages people to become active participants in their care.  Utilizing strong interpersonal and communication skills, she facilitates improved collaboration within your health care team.  She understands what is at stake.  Amanda will form an alliance with you and your loved ones to ensure the right questions are asked, thorough research is done, and informed health care decisions are made.


Personal Statement

"I feel strongly that advocacy will revolutionize the health and wellbeing experience of this generation.  I believe all scientific knowledge should be utilized to develop the best plan for you.  This includes the use of conventional, functional and integrative medicine.  My vision is not only to advocate for true health, but to empower individuals to redefine how they perceive being "healthy". 

Services Provided

Advocacy Services

  • Prepare you for and/or accompany you to medical appointments or hospital visits. 
  • Collect and process all the information about your care and explain what is happening.
  • Coordinate care and communication with each of your physicians.
  • Research all medical literature to discover the full range of treatment options for you.
  • Comprehensive review of your medications and supplements.
  • Create a unique timeline of your medical history.  (Think Cliff Notes version of your entire medical record for your wallet.  Your doctors will love this!)


Family & Caregiver Support

  • Ask the right questions and relay information from medical visits. 
  • Aid in safe and successful transition of care (critical after surgery or hospitalization).
  • Visit your loved one in a nursing facility.  Review medications and optimize care during their stay.
  • Teach you to be your family's best advocate


Wellness and Prevention

  • Home survey and lifestyle education.
  • Guidance on how to detoxify your home and body.
  • Personalized approach to determine the best foods for your body.
  • Strategies for stress reduction and energy renewal.


Pre-Pregnancy Planning

  • Strategies to enhance fertility naturally.
  • Guidance on supplementation before and during pregnancy.
  • All wellness & prevention services that are carefully adapted for this special time.



Wellness and Disease Prevention

Pre-Pregnancy Planning

Coordinate & Communicate with the Health Care Team

Medical Education/Research

Partnering with Families & Caregivers

Dealing with Cancer

End of Life Support


"When I fell and broke my wrist, I was given two different options for surgery.  Amanda asked the questions that I didn't know to ask, and provided me with the latest research on each approach.  She reviewed the information with my husband and I so that we could make an INFORMED decision.  She didn't stop there!  She consolidated my medical records into a document before my surgery.  After the surgery, she provided gentle reminders of our care plan.  She encouraged and reassured me that I was healing as expected.  She made fun videos of the exercises I was to do.  I used these every day for weeks.  I didn't require Physical Therapy and my surgeon was in awe of my progress.  He even offered her a job!  Amanda is a joy to work with and an amazing source of knowledge." -- Gail K.

"After the birth of my second child, I had an enlightening conversation with Amanda.  Like many, I always wanted to be the healthiest version of myself but never had the time to research what changes I should make.  Amanda presented such compelling information and her enthusiasm was captivating.  She identified areas where small changes could have a huge impact.  I plan to have another child, and with Amanda's guidance and expertise, my husband and I have a comprehensive pre-pregnancy plan in place. With Amanda's services, I didn't have to do the research, she had done it already! It is because of Amanda McGuire Johnson that my family is on the path to a cleaner, healthier lifestyle and prepared for the next addition to our family." 

-- Kim L. 

-- Kim L.

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