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RN Patient Advocates, PLC, opened the door to independent, nurse-based patient advocacy in 2002. We are a national community of specially prepared, qualified and experience clinical RNs. Our Mission is to Empower People in Their Healthcare through Advocacy, Education, and Guidance Through the Healthcare System.

Have you or any of your family or friends ever experienced problems in the healthcare system? 12 million patients are misdiagnosed each year (Institute of Medicine, 2015) indicating that it might be true for many of us. RN Patient Advocates help you be safe in the system and also, how to do this for yourself!




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Importance of Observation

Are you losing bone? Have osteopenia or osteoporosis? Wonder if your treatment is working? Options. Always helpful to have options.


bonesAlthough they appear quite solid, bones are constantly breaking down and rebuilding in a process called remodeling.  When more bone cells are being discarded than are being created, the first condition that occurs is osteopenia, the precursor of osteoporosis. DEXA Scans are very helpful to determine how much bone mass you have the day of the test.  However, you wait another year or two until the next DEXA to see the effect of your therapy.

When bones remodel, there are chemical byproducts.  One of them is called deoxypyridinoline or Dpd.  There is a test to measure this - a simple urine test that most insurance covers.  It is called the Pyrilinks D. You can learn right away how fast your bones are breaking down or whether they are building at the right rate to maintain bone mass. This can be repeated in three month intervals to evaluate the therapy you are currently using.  

The DEXA plus the Pyrilinks D will give a much more complete  clinical picture than just the DEXA alone.  Ask your physician if the Pyrilinks D is indicated for you.

You can learn more here. . .


Cholesterol: want the whole picture? Order the whole test! What?


LDL_cholesterol_blueStandard cholesterol testing measures only a fraction of the indicators of cardiac risk.  Remember that half of the people who suffer heart attacks have normal cholesterol!

So what is the rest of the picture?  There are many subtypes of both HDL and LDL particles, each carrying different degrees of risk. 

Size matters.  Particle size is extraordinarily important; research shows that small dense lpp_heartLDL cholesterol is inflammatory and toxic to blood vessels.  Large particles – HDL – are protective while the small particles –LDL – increase your cardiac risk.

The test to measure the real risks in your lipid profile?  The LPP – Lipoprotein Particle Profile.  Ask your physician.  Get the facts about your risk.  You can learn more here . . .


Summer is here. Get out your sunscreen, right? There is no proof that sunscreens prevent most skin cancers. Can this be true? Are there good sunscreens?



Despite heavy sunscreen use, the rate of melanoma has tripled over the last 35 years. The Environmental Working Group has published a list of 9 surprising facts about sunscreens and how to pick the best ones.

1. FDA’s sunscreen rules have changed but products haven’t improved.

2. The common sunscreen additive vitamin A may speed development of skin cancer.

 3. Don’t be fooled by high SPF. High-SPF products tempt people to apply too little sunscreen and stay in the sun too long.

4. European sunscreens offer superior protection from UVA rays.  They are allowed to use 7 UVA blockers while US manufacturers can use only 3.

5. Some sunscreen ingredients disrupt hormones and cause skin allergies. 

There are good sunscreens, but it’s helpful to learn about ingredients.  Learn more here. . .

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