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RN Patient Advocates, PLC, opened the door to independent, nurse-based patient advocacy in 2002. We are a national community of specially prepared, qualified and experience clinical RNs. Our Mission is to Empower People in Their Healthcare through Advocacy, Education, and Guidance Through the Healthcare System.

Have you or any of your family or friends ever experienced problems in the healthcare system? 12 million patients are misdiagnosed each year (Institute of Medicine, 2015) indicating that it might be true for many of us. RN Patient Advocates help you be safe in the system and also, how to do this for yourself!




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Karen Mercereau, RN iRNPA Tucson Nurses Week Certification Awarded as Fabulous Fifty Nurses May7, 2011

Importance of Observation

Your Living Brain is clearly connected to the rest of your body. What? Though much of the Living Brain is still a mystery, science is now opening new doors of understanding.



Mental health conditions are usually treated symptomatically.  The underlying root physical causes are not often explored.  But science is showing us a smarter way to understand and treat mental health conditions.

The Living Brain is a part of the whole body – and is affected in a very real sense to what is happening in that body.  Everything in our bodies is connected – tens of thousands of chemical feedback loops.  For example, good GI health is essential for proper nervous system functioning. Yes!  More than 70% of the serotonin needed in your body’s nervous system is produced in your small intestine!  And that is just one example of the interconnectivity of our whole body systems.

So, let’s look at some of the whole body influences on mental health:

1. Blood toxicity, resulting from heavy metals (especially lead and mercury – such as “silver” fillings) or environmental chemicals  in our food (such as preservatives and artificial sweeteners), water, and household/auto products

2. Improper diet, particularly poor quality or processed foods, or foods to which you may be sensitive – wheat, gluten, dairy

3. Lack of exercise

4. GI imbalances caused by heavy antibiotic use

5. Drug and alcohol use and abuse

6. Hormonal or chemical imbalances in the body

7. Insufficient or disturbed sleep patterns

There are now MD psychiatrists who practice Holistic Psychiatry – sometimes called Functional Psychiatry – who actually treat the whole brain/body connection and greatly increase your chance of recovery.  

Learn more about this from Mary Ackerley, MD, one such Holistic Psychiatrist.


Leading Edge Cardiac Risk Predictor! What if your doctor could tell you what your risk was for heart disease and stroke, without using needles or blood work, and that no invasive or expensive testing was required?


This is possible with the Endo Pat 2000.

endopatHeart attacks occur when the linings of your arteries  - the endothelium – are damaged.  For many reasons, they can become inflamed, have fatty deposits and “hardening of the arteries” - atherosclerosis.  This is actually an ongoing inflammatory, damaging process which can lead to the formation of a type of clot called a “thrombus”.  Heart attacks are the result.

Thus, measuring the health of this arterial lining is critical as a means of determining real cardiac risk.  It is much more accurate than just measuring your cholesterol and triglycerides and much less invasive/expensive than a heart catheterization.

The Endo Pat 2000 is FDA approved and takes only about 15 minutes in the office of a physician who has this available.  Ask your physician.

Want to learn more?


Gluten Sensitivity: What is the real issue? 1 in 20 Americans has some degree of gluten sensitivity – most undiagnosed – and the health effects are wide-ranging. Could this be you?


caution_breadSymptoms are far-reaching:  Dr. Mary Ackerley explains “Here is where it gets interesting. Gluten sensitivity is not just a disease of the gut. It is a multi organ, multi symptom disease. The antibodies gluten releases can cause a lot of harm by increasing inflammation and autoimmune reactions. The long term consequences of having a gluten allergy can be devastating. Autoimmune disorders shown to be adversely affected by gluten include insulin dependent diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, irritable bowel and hypothyroidism. Women with osteoporosis have a much higher tendency to have gluten allergies and even full blown Celiac Disease. 

Other far ranging effects of gluten sensitivity include depression, low energy, fatigue, brain fog, skin rashes, numbness in the extremities, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, muscle and joint pain — even problems with coordination.”  

The solution is simple:  avoid gluten.  This is much simpler than it used to be as there is now a wide range of gluten free breads and foods available.  

Learn more here. . .


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